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Description of flavors - ALL the elderberry kits have the same quantity of elderberry.
To order, click syrup kit name, or scroll down and select the kit.  Need to make a double batch?  Click here to order a kit x 2.
For general, all purpose, elderberry use:
Original - This is the flavor that started it all.  It is extremely versatile and a "one and done" kind of flavor. It has ginger if your tummy troubles you, lemon balm and chamomile for comfort, cinnamon for a spicy-sweet bite and just all around great flavor!
Super Berry - this is for the more particular palate.  It's just elderberries and a few other "super" berries.  Keeping it simple.  It's very potent and some people need to take slightly smaller doses ;) .
High-Vit-C - this is my best selling flavor.  It's a little of all my best flavors - a little ginger for the tummy and warmth, rosehips for a little thicker texture and vitamin c content, orange peel for that subtle orange note, lemon balm and cranberry.  So far - my favorite flavor at the moment!  ****also available with added echinacea under the flavor "HVC+E"***
Berriful Bliss - This flavor is bright and juicy, texture similar to the high vit c, with all around yumminess.  designed for the kid, or parent, that may want more complex flavor than super berry, but not all the warming spices of the other options.
Gummies - double strength elderberry syrup, organic herbs with lots of vitamins, organic sugar, grassfed gelatin, and organic lemon juice.

Specific Function syrup kits:
*Cough-cough* - this one is designed specifically for coughs and throats.  It's much thicker than my other syrups.  It has eucalyptus to help break up stubborn mucous, slippery elm and rosehips to make the texture thick and soothe the throat, as well as chamomile for calming.  It tastes a little funky from the eucalyptus, but works great!  (and in my humble opinion, tastes a heck of a lot better than your conventional store-bought cough syrup.)
Tummy Time - this is designed for the acid reflux in your life.  Gentle, soothing herbs, combined with immune-boosting elderberry.  Chamomile, spearmint, and slippery elm make this a wonderful addition to help your little one, or yourself, with digestive trouble. 

E-Z Breezey - ***NOT FOR USE IN PREGNANCY*** this syrup's function is to dry up a cough/sinus issues.  Very helpful for the wet, phlegmy cough that won't quit.  Tastes good too - not thick like the *cough-cough* which is pregnancy safe.

Happy Histamines - This syrup is to assist with allergies, using anti-inflammatory, nutritive herbs.  Pleasant, herby taste to it.  

Less well known, but still yummy:
Citrus Ginger - this flavor has a lot of lemongrass, ginger, citrus peel and almost diminishes the taste of the berry.  If you don't particularly care for elderberry, this may be the syrup for you.  It's got a very bright first note from the lemongrass, followed by a slightly bitter note from the citrus peels, and then followed with warm ginger.  Very medicinal and potent!
Holiday Spice and Chai - these are both warm feeling, spiced syrups.  The holiday spice basically has mulling spices in it - orange, cinnamon, clove, etc. and the chai has more of a cardamom taste to it.  Both are great for the spice lovers in your home!  
Orange Cinnamon - this one is for the person that just LOVES cinnamon and orange flavors.  It has 3 types of cinnamon sticks, plus lots of orange peel, as well as a little bit of sweet orange, mandarin, tangerine, bergamot, and cinnamon leaf essential oil infused into the marshmallow root**.
Mint-Tea - Like mint?  This includes a delicious herbal infusion of mints and several "minty" herbs, including echinacea, for an excellent immune boost!  It's refreshing, cooling, and a great way to elderberry your life.

**the essential oils are mixed into the marshmallow root powder and is in extremely small quantities - less than a drop total per batch - basically, for flavoring only and is considered safe**

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