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Offering speciality goodies since 2013

About Us

I'm Becca!  I'm a former science teacher, former chef, wife, mom of 3(littlest arrived Nov 2020), and Florida resident, now mom-boss.  I was raised in a fairly natural-minded home, where we rarely used medications and where my mom taught me to cook nourishing foods for both body and soul. After I got my Bachelor of Science degree, I used the dawning of the Information Age and that fun little thing we call social media to find ways to do further research on the science of cooking, natural remedies, and the benefits of natural counterparts to conventional store-bought products.  I am ServSafe certified and completed 70 AHG accredited hours in Fundamentals of Herbalism.

During my first pregnancy in 2013, all my research and interest in natural products came together as I made my first attempt at a homemade stretchmark cream. While my attempts never did anything beneficial for my vanity, they did result in an awesome deodorant and a non-nano diaper cream, so it definitely was not a total loss. Add in a position using my cooking skills as the food service director of a large local church, the joy of home ownership, and the addition of a second child, mix in one consistently supportive husband, and I found myself with another natural solution.

I’d heard about the benefits of elderberry syrup for the immune system, but when I saw the price and the ingredients in commercially-available products, I knew I could do better. Better for my wallet and better for my health. Once I applied my kitchen and science skills, I came up with a tasty, effective recipe for health. A few friends here and there bought some for their families, and the rest, as they say, is history! I now offer brewed syrup locally and DIY kits for long-distance friends and customers.

I have always wanted effective products, that were tasty products - but of the highest quality.  I trust these products, I use these on my children, my husband, through my pregnancies.  I have the highest trust in the quality of the products, and the companies I source the ingredients from.  I have personally found it difficult to source quality products, at affordable prices. I try to be that source for you!  

In 2019, I complete 70 hours of coursework in Fundamentals in Herbalism with a renowned professional herbalist.  My experience in that class taught me a lot, reinforced much of what I've learned in recent years, and she confirmed - my elderberry syrup is awesome.  I use excellent quality ingredients, with time-honored traditional techniques - a quality pot, purified water, and the best herbs, in the right ratios, and TIME!  Soaking the herbs, simmering them, cooking them down - things I know from being a chef - yield the best results in herbal syrups too.  I've designed my kits to be just that for you who are far away too!  And I'm not just elderberry and diaper cream anymore...I'm continuing to add new products as I'm able to invest in the materials needed to prepare them.  I've recently added teas, new tinctures will be available as I brew them, a new all-purpose ointment, baby powder, and much more!

My business continues to grow, and my product line continues to expand, thanks to customers like you! I am always open to adding a new product if you ask, but whatever changes, my commitment to providing effective, economical wellness products will remain the same.

None of Your Beeswax is now a Limited Liability Corporation.  

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